Natural gas provision

Premier Energy Trading is an established natural gas provider within the Romanian market, ever since it has been liberalized. Through their course of action, the main objective for Premier Energy Trading is developing stable, long-term partnerships and offering competitive and personalized provision solutions for their partners. We have a ferm, long-term contract with AMROMCO, the third major natural gas supplier in Romania. With their help, we guarantee the provision flexibility and safety that our clients need. We currently provide monthly natural gas volumes of approximatively 60,000 MWh/month, with 0.63% market share out of the Romanian natural gas provision market. Premier Energy Trading offers guidance for solving any technical problem that pertains to the transport and distribution of natural gases to the consumership point, as well as advice for applying technical and commercial regulations that are specific to the local natural gas sector, in conformity with Order no. 106/2014, issued by the National Authority of Energy Regulation (ANRE).



We offer competitive and personalized provision services, characterized by flexibility.


We guarantee provision safety and counseling in solving any technical issues.


We provide other contractors with significant quantities of natural gas, at great prices.


We handle the risks associated with the volatile nature of the market and we establish prices together with our clients.


We contract stored natural gas quantities annually and guarantee storage safety.


We contractually allow variations between used monthly quantities and priorly assumed ones.

Choose Premier Energy Trading

  • Because we offer competitive and stable provision prices, without any hidden costs.

  • Because we quickly solve any technical issues with transport or distribution.

  • Because we have a stable partnership with Amromco Energy and Distrigaz Sud Retele.

  • Because you get step by step counseling from a dedicated team.

  • Because you will join a bevy of established companies that are our happy clients.

Testimonials from our clients

The Premier Energy Trading S.R.L. team has hown professionalism and expedience, from the contract negotiation, to providing services and fulfulling their contractual obligations. We recommend the Premier Energy Trading S.R.L. company as a trusted partners and a good professional in the natural gas provision domain.
Supplier, partner Premier Energy Trading
We recommend the Premier Energy Trading S.R.L. company as a professional and trusted partner for any company they will work with. We appreciate the quality of their services and the flexibility of the solutions they offered for our punctual demands, which differentiate them in a positive manner from their competitors.
Supplier, partner Premier Energy Trading
Our commercial relationship runs on the basis of a buy-sell agreement for natural gas from 2015, that also offers a prolongation possibility. There haven’t been any incidents through the course of our commercial partnership, hereupon we evaluate this partnership positively and wish to consolidate a long term relationship with Premier Energy Trading S.R.L.
Supplier, partner Premier Energy Trading

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