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About Us

Premier Energy Trading S.R.L. is a company entirely funded through private Romanian capital, whose core business is natural gas provision services. Premier Energy Trading functions based on the Natural Gas Provision License no. 1971 from July 10th 2014, released by the National Authority of Energy Regulation (ANRE). We offer services to consumers from both the en-gros and en-detail markets: natural gas provision, trading and storage, abiding by the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001:2015 international standard. The quality of the natural gas services that we provide border in the physico-chemical parameters appointed by the current regulation. We continuously keep a watch over fulfilling quality requirements and to this end, we request that our transport and distribution operators carry out proper analyses at our supply points.

Why choose Premier Energy Trading?

We have fixed, existing contracts with Romanian natural gas manufacturers that guarantee reliability in our natural gas provision services for all Premier Energy Trading clients.
We offer convenient, stable prices and manage the risks associated with the volatility of some market agents, that impact the evolution of natural gas price.
We provide advice in solving any technical or transport issues that may arise, and also in applying specific technical and commercial regulations.

Partner with Amromco Energy

Supply assured through Amromco, the third largest natural gas manufacturer in Romania.

Monthly natural gas volume supplied to our clients

Partner with Distrigaz Sud Retele

Transport assured by Distrigaz, the largest natural gas distributor in the South of Romania.

0.63% Share of the natural gas provision market
Commercial points accommodated nationally
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ANRE License

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